Pluto Square Moon

Pluto Square Moon Natal

Being born with your moon in a square aspect with Pluto, you have an intense emotional nature that can appear hidden under the surface until it erupts from within. Your powerful determination can cause power struggles with others that will lead you to question when it’s best for you to resolutely push forward and when it’s best to mediate a compromise. You will need to come to terms with how you react when events do not live up to your expectations, as the anger you feel when things do not go your way can cause damage within your relationships. By learning how to be patient and allow some events to unfold without your control, you will realize how to make your single-minded resolution helpful in seizing opportunities instead of it creating conflict by trying to force things to happen. When events force you to tear down the structures you have built in life, the emotional catharsis you experience will help you purge what needs to be released. It’s time to claim the inner authority needed to rebuild and regenerate.

Pluto Square Moon Transit

When Pluto forms a square aspect to your natal moon, you will experience periods of intense emotional catharsis that bring deep rooted issues to surface awareness. On the positive side, you will be able to purge and release old emotional issues while gaining understanding of inner dynamics you had not been aware of. However, at times you will feel like you have been pulled into an underworld experience of having to confront fears and vulnerabilities. You are likely to experience major changes within your relationships, as people who fascinate you will enter your life. They will likely help propel your life in new directions. You might also become involved in power struggles with others in which you feel like someone is trying to claim power over you, or in which you feel compelled to pursue greater amounts of personal power. Ultimately, during this time you will have opportunities to shed whatever feels inauthentic in your life while deepening your desire to make empowered choices.

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