Pluto Sextile Saturn

Pluto Sextile Saturn Natal

Being born with Pluto in a sextile aspect with Saturn, you are able to intensely focus on your interests so that you not only can develop skills, but also discern a societal role through which you can express them. One of your gifts is being able to seek out the resources you need to support yourself within your community. This is true even if your vocational calling may appear hard to establish within existing structures. You not only have ambitious aspirations, but also have the necessary determination to patiently work your way through societal power structures step by step. You have a knack for finding mentors and authority figures who can share their knowledge with you. When you are faced with loss or having to let go of something that had been important to you, you have a remarkable capacity for embracing a regenerative process. You are able to receive a new desire in its place that can lead to significant new growth.

Pluto Sextile Saturn Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a sextile aspect with your natal Saturn, it is a good time to focus on building a stronger foundation for the achievement of your longterm goals and aspirations. It’s time to deepen your knowledge and skills in your fields of interest. This can be a powerful time to learn directly from a mentor who has extensive experience and knowledge to share with you. You may also commit yourself to a course of study or training. As you follow your interests you will learn more about the talents and skills you have to share with others. This will help you realize more clearly which societal roles you can perform in order to express them. If you have to face a difficult test or accept a significant loss during this time, keep in mind that this transit has a regenerative impact. Ultimately you will be able to cultivate greater strength or receive new growth as you embrace the process of change.

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