Pluto Conjunct Mercury

Pluto Conjunct Mercury Natal

Being born with Pluto forming a conjunction with Mercury, you have a probing and penetrative perception that cuts through to the underlying dynamics of any matter you focus on. You can be obsessive in your pursuit of knowledge, traveling great distances, and spending long hours in order to obtain the information you seek. As a result, you can become strongly attached to the intellectual framework you develop to organize the knowledge you gather. This can lead you to disregard alternative viewpoints at times, and at other times force a confrontation in which you must regenerate and reframe your perspective. Within relationships, you are drawn toward having intimate interactions of depth and intensity. This is a powerful gift to handle with care. Not only can you empower others with your words, you can also be deeply wounding. You have the potential to become a powerful mentor who is able to listen to the underlying feelings of others and support them.

Pluto Conjunct Mercury Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a conjunction with your natal Mercury, you will be initiated into an intense process of regenerating how you are perceiving, interpreting, and communicating meaning in your life. On the one hand, you may experience a deepening of research or understanding of a subject matter or intellectual framework you had previously become interested in. In this case, you will pursue opportunities to learn from a mentor or pursue a course of study or training that dramatically amplifies your knowledge. This new study will penetrate deeply into the underlying foundations of the subject matter. On the other hand, you may realize the limitations of the subjects you have been interested in. Perhaps you might question the way you have been interpreting information. In this case, you will be forced to confront the beliefs and perceptions you had been identifying with in such a way that it opens your awareness to an entirely new way of perceiving things. In the end, you may make a dramatic change in how you create meaning. This could transform your outlook and interests in life. You are likely to have many intense conversations and interactions within your relationships during this time that trigger your change in outlook.

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