Pluto opposite Saturn

Pluto Opposite Saturn Natal

Being born with Pluto in opposition to Saturn, you have lessons to learn regarding the tension between your aspirations and the security of your present circumstances. In order to achieve your ambitions, it will be necessary to initiate significant change at times. Let go of attachments to people, places, and things that have previously brought you a sense of stability. At times you will also need to release the influence of expectations from authority figures regarding your goals when you realize you have been swayed from following your authentic path. As a result, you will need to cultivate inner security so that you do not need to overly rely upon external circumstances in order to feel at ease. Whenever you have been resisting change for so long that you become entrenched in stagnant patterns, events will force you to confront your resistance. As you penetrate into the inner reasons behind your reluctance to embrace change, you will become aware of unconscious patterns that have been influencing you. Learning to mediate and integrate unconscious messages into your conscious awareness will also give you skills you can use in mentoring or helping others facing similar challenges in the future.

Pluto Opposite Saturn Transit

When transiting Pluto forms an opposition to your natal Saturn, feelings of gravity, constraint, or constriction will become dominant themes. As a result, you may feel frustrated that your work and effort does not appear to be bringing you the external success you aspire to achieve. The key to this transit is to continue to patiently work through difficulties, building skills, and a stronger foundation of knowledge and experience in the process. Though this transit may bring difficult challenges and loss, it will also force you to confront however you have been limiting or holding yourself back from actualizing your full potential. You will become aware of unconscious patterns that may have previously been serving in a protective capacity. Now, you realize this has been restraining you. Ultimately, this transit will bring an intense shedding of symbolic dead skin that had become too confining. You will experience new growth and strength through its regenerative process.

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