Pluto Sextile Mars

Pluto Sextile Mars Natal

Being born with Pluto in a sextile aspect with Mars, you feel deep longings and desires that you will need to align with your core purpose and goals in life. Repressing or restraining the instinctual urges for growth, you feel will lead to repeated anger and frustration. When you become drawn toward a subject you want to learn about, a quality you want to develop in yourself, or a relationship you wish to develop, you can become extremely fascinated to the point of becoming obsessive. You have an empowered sense of drive and ambition that will lead you to seek the information or support you need from others. As long as you can avoid getting mired in competitive power dynamics, you do well in collaboration with others because you are capable of creating mutually beneficial situations. You will be continually drawn toward forming friendships and associations with people who embody qualities you admire and wish to cultivate within yourself.

Pluto Sextile Mars Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a sextile aspect with your natal Mars, you will feel empowered to break out of previous restrictions to pursue your ambitions. Any limitations or obstacles you previously accepted in your life, you will no longer tolerate. During this time, you will be continually finding ways to persevere and work through whatever barriers are between you and your goals. As you begin to actualize more of your desires, you will become clearer about which desires are aligned with your core purpose and which are not. Ultimately, you will learn how to find outlets and pathways within your community for your desires. In turn, you can align your drive for greater power with a cause that serves a need for others. You may become drawn toward forming a relationship with a mentor figure who is able to provide you guidance and support. In romantic relationships, you will be driven toward deeper merging and intimacy, and any new relationship will have a deeply stirring impact that helps to trigger larger changes in your circumstances.

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