Pluto Square Saturn

Pluto Square Saturn Natal

Being born with Pluto in a square aspect with Saturn, you will have to face challenges and become aware of unconscious dynamics as part of claiming greater personal authority and inner security for yourself. At least one of your parents or significant authority figures in your life expected you to conform to their expectations of success. Your capacity to release their influence and realize your authentic aspirations is key to your eventual success. During times that you feel restrained from finding a role in society through which you can achieve your goals, it’s important to focus on being accountable for your own effort and determination. As you deal with limitations and obstacles, you will become aware of unconscious dynamics that can lead you to become manipulative in trying to control outcomes. As you learn to take responsibility for your conscious and unconscious motivations, you will discover you have the inner strength needed to release attachment to sources of security when the time comes for letting go. You will realize you have the inner fortitude to embrace regenerative processes and generate valuable new growth from times of change.

Pluto Square Saturn Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a square aspect with Saturn, you will undergo a metamorphosis of the structural foundations of your life. The difficulty of this transit is that you may be forced to let go of something that had been important to your identity or sense of security. As a result, you may stubbornly resist the changes that are beginning to erupt. However, attempting to resist the deep-seated changes that come with this transit will only serve to build greater tension that can lead to a more explosive consequence. As a result, it is important to work with whatever changes are happening and release attachment to trying to keep things the way they’ve been. By surrendering to the regenerative process, you will have space cleared out for significant new growth to enter your life. As you shed whatever had become stagnant or outdated, you will feel increased vitality and motivation to build new structures more resonant with your purpose.

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