Pluto Square Sun

Pluto Square Sun Natal

Being born with Pluto square the sun gives you a powerful drive to establish your core purpose in spite of whatever obstacles you face. Some of the limitations may be self-inflicted fears, while other restraints will come from societal forces that seem to be working against you. You will be called to test cultural taboos and shine a light on hidden factors of yourself and society. There may be powerful authority and parental figures who have an overbearing influence on your development, demanding that you meet their expectations without regard for your own unique purpose. Whatever form the obstacles in your life take, you will need to take the risk to follow your deepest desires with resilient persistence, enacting a cathartic regeneration of the inhibitions holding you back. Due to having ambitions to gain personal power you will need to be careful to not become consumed with claiming power over others. You have the potential to be a source of empowerment for others.

Pluto Square Sun Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a square aspect with your natal sun, you will become initiated into a cathartic process dredging up subconscious fears and desires. This time period will bring challenges in the form of powerful authority figures and relational partners who can be manipulative and disempowering to you. You will need to be aware of the power dynamics of your relationships as you can become pulled into a battle of wills in which you or the other person attempts to claim power over the other. You may also have to face challenges from societal forces that appear to be acting against you. At its best, this transit will force you to discover the inner strength within you to resiliently persist in pursuit of your core purpose in life. You may feel consumed by compulsive desires or feel like you are lost in darkness at times. It is through fully committing to actualizing your purpose that you will rediscover your inner light and sense of personal empowerment.

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