Pluto opposite Uranus

Pluto Opposite Uranus Natal

Due to the current cycle between Pluto and Uranus, people have not been born with an opposition between them since the turn of the 20th century, between the years of 1896 and 1907. This occurred when Pluto was in Gemini and Uranus was in Sagittarius. People will not be born with Pluto in an opposition with Uranus again until the 2040s, when Pluto will be in Pisces and Uranus will be in Virgo. Being born with Pluto in an opposition with Uranus means that you were born in a time period of upheaval, revolutionary breakthroughs, and intense conflicts around the world. Similarly, the opposition between Pluto and Uranus in your natal chart signifies personal tension. You will have to mediate between seeking innovation and new horizons versus avoiding change due to finding security in the way things have previously been. However, unexpected external events, as well as inner prompting from your unconscious, will periodically loosen your resistance to change. As a result, over time you will embrace greater authenticity in your life. Even if that means needing to let go of some things you had previously been attached to.

Pluto Opposite Uranus Transit

The age people experience the transit of Pluto opposing their natal Uranus depends upon which tropical sign the native’s Pluto shows up in. Pluto spends different lengths of time in different signs. Some people will experience transiting Pluto forming an opposition with Uranus in their later years in life. Those born with Pluto in Leo experience this, while some people will most likely not live long enough to experience this transit, such as those born with Pluto in Sagittarius. When transiting Pluto forms an opposition with natal Uranus, you will feel an intensification of shedding whatever inner patterns and external structures remain as restrictive, constraining elements in your life. Healing can occur during this transit regarding old memories and issues you have struggled with across your lifetime. You begin to transform the narrative of your life you have been telling yourself. As part of this regenerative process, you may experience difficult memories and feelings emerge into your awareness for you to resolve and release. Ultimately, you can purge old sources of toxicity and liberate yourself from old worries and anxieties.

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