Pluto Trine Neptune

Pluto Trine Neptune Natal

People will not be born with a trine aspect with Neptune until the 2080s and 2090s. Previously, the last generation that was born with Pluto in a trine aspect with Neptune was born in the 18th century during a time of great revolution. This includes the revolutionary wars of the United States of America, as well as France. Being born with Pluto in a trine aspect with Neptune makes you part of a generation that is idealistic and can become swept up in collective waves of change, revolution, and evolution. You are capable of channeling deep emotions and unconscious content through artistic, storytelling, and other creative processes. You may become drawn to becoming involved in an artistic movement of some sort as you will be born amongst a generation of people who have this same aspect within their natal chart. Others born with this aspect may become deeply attached to a particular religion or spiritual practice, becoming incredibly devotional with their practice. You will need to be careful of becoming dogmatic with your beliefs and unwilling to question them or listen to the perspective of those with conflicting belief systems.

Pluto Trine Neptune Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a trine aspect with natal Neptune, you will become interested in deepening your study and involvement in spiritual, philosophical, or metaphysical belief systems that resonate with you. You will become more interested in developing some sort of daily, meditative, or spiritual practice through which you can clear your mind and receive spiritual insight. Or you may instead become interested in exploring your imagination more often. You may find ways to transmit your imaginal experiences through artistic expression or creative writing. You will be less interested in conforming to the dictates and deadlines of work performed merely for the money. You will become more motivated to work on projects that are personally meaningful and stimulate your imagination and inner creativity. It will also be possible during this transit to infuse greater joy and presence into your daily responsibilities, such as making the cleaning of your home or upkeep of your property a more spiritual experience.

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