Pluto Square Pluto

Pluto Square Pluto Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a square aspect with natal Pluto, you will feel propelled into a regenerative time period of decay and growth. You will feel catalyzed to break through old barriers and restrictions in your life. As a part of this creative process, there will be destructive aspects to deal with. Anything in your life that has become stagnant will need to be shed and released, but in some cases, you may strongly resist the changes taking place due to losing something or someone that has brought you a sense of security. The image of a snake shedding its skin fits, as you will sense you are growing beyond the boundaries of your old identity. It will help to engage in reflective practices to help you become more aware of the influence of your unconscious, which will be strong during this transit. It’s likely you will have to face and overcome power dynamics with others, learning important lessons in how to appropriately claim and assert your personal power. Though difficult experiences will accompany this transit, you will access its higher potential by courageously pushing forward toward your aspirations.