Pluto Square Jupiter

Pluto Square Jupiter Natal

Being born with Pluto in a square aspect with Jupiter, you have an ambitious drive for advancement and aspiration that can be relentless and resilient. You have a pioneering spirit that will seek growth within foreign territory or cutting-edge subject matter—even if it has not been fully cultivated or developed within your society. You are drawn toward intense, cathartic experiences that have a regenerative impact upon your life. You will upturn established elements in order to clear space for new forms of progress. You are likely to experience a significant change in belief regarding the religious or philosophical belief system you grew up within, and the transformed philosophical or spiritual framework you coalesce through your life experiences will become extremely important to you. You can in fact become at risk of becoming dogmatic in your beliefs. You may be resistant to acknowledging alternative perspectives and beliefs. If you persist in stubbornly refusing to open awareness to other belief systems, you will at times become forced to reorient your vision of life. This may bring about disillusioning experiences that will ultimately transform your perspective.

Pluto Square Jupiter Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a square aspect with your natal Jupiter, you will experience cathartic events and experiences that will initially disorient your previous belief system. This will take you into an intensely regenerative, underworld process of growth. Though you may have to persevere through some difficult situations and dark nights of the soul, keep in mind that ultimately this transit will fertilize an expansion of the vision. What type of life do you wish to create meaning from? One issue that can correspond with this transit is being overly attached to old beliefs, as well as philosophical or religious perspectives that have given you a sense of security and stability. When life leads you to question viewpoints that have previously been a major aspect of your identity, you may react by resisting or denying the death and rebirth process that has been initiated. The more you can release your attachment to old beliefs that feel ready to be shed, the more you will be able to open to new sources of inspiration. This will only help uplift you from wherever you had become stuck or stagnant. As you become drawn to new philosophical or spiritual systems, it will be helpful to find a mentor or teacher, who can help you deepen your understanding and reorient your perspective.

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