Pluto Conjunct Jupiter

Pluto Conjunct Jupiter Natal

Being born with Pluto forming a conjunction with Jupiter, you will seek intense, cathartic experiences as part of your process of growth and expansion. Your desire for breadth of experience will lead you to progress beyond the boundaries established through family and dominant cultural influences within society. You are not afraid of the taboo and in fact, are drawn to penetrate underneath the surface. Think: anything religious or philosophical. At times, you will feel pulled into exploring the hidden recesses of society and culture in order to experience a metamorphosis of the way you discover meaning and knowledge. Though you may experience difficult periods that can feel like you have descended into the underworld, you will resurface with a deepening of understanding that can enrich your life as well as the lives of others you share your knowledge with. Over time you will regenerate a philosophical or spiritual framework through which you can intuitively discern understanding. You may additionally become interested in teaching what you have learned to others.

Pluto Conjunct Jupiter Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a conjunction with your natal Jupiter, you will experience a metamorphosis of the vision of life you draw meaning from. The lessons you learn during this time period will have an intense potency. Lessons will incite you to shed old beliefs that you realize are outdated and no longer resonate with your personal truth. Elements of the former structures and boundaries of your life will begin to feel restrictive. As you feel like bursting free from what has previously been confining you, you will feel compulsively drawn toward expanding your worldview. The sources of your illumination and realization could emerge from your subconscious depths or ancestral lineages of philosophy or spirituality that you resonate with. There may also be a cathartic quality to your progress during this time in which you must face difficult dilemmas or purge toxicity as part of a process. This will ultimately lead to greater abundance and largeness of vision.

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