Pluto Conjunct Sun

Pluto Conjunct Sun Natal

Being born with Pluto in conjunction with the sun gives you a strong sense of personal destiny. You have an empowered capacity to bring your destiny about through the force of your personality and personal drive. You can penetrate to the depths of whatever fascinates you, becoming consumed with learning the skills needed for the vocational path you feel called to. You will also be drawn toward forming intense relationships with powerful figures. This could manifest in your personal life or through historical study, who represents whatever role or field of knowledge you are interested in. You have an ability to manipulate situations toward your own advantage, and so need to be careful of not becoming overly controlling and manipulative in your personal relationships. One of your parents, in particular a father figure, may have played a larger than life role in your development leading to a need for you to transform your relationship to their influence as you age. As part of your growth and development, you will enter periods of intense catharsis and upheaval that lead to important regeneration and self-realization.

Pluto Conjunct Sun Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a conjunction to your natal sun you will enter a cathartic period in which aspects of your life breakdown as part of a regenerative process. You may feel strong resistance to some of the life changes that come with this transit. In some cases, it will only make the experience more difficult by attempting to resist the change at all costs. Once you find acceptance for the transformation underway, you will be able to give birth to something vitally connected to your deepest emerging desires. You need to be careful of power dynamics, as you may become overly consumed with gaining power over others. You may also find yourself in manipulative relationships that disempower you. In case you feel you are losing connection with your inner light, the ego shedding you experience during this transit can reignite an empowered sense of self. On the other side of this transit, you will have gained invaluable self-realization, as well as an enhanced capacity to create the life you want to live.

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