Pluto Conjunct Ascendant

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Natal

Being born with Pluto in conjunction with your ascendant makes the significations of the Pluto archetype dominant themes in your life. You have an intense capacity for penetrating to the core of whatever relational or situational dynamics you are involved in, perceiving emotional undercurrents, shadowy material, and other information that is often hidden to others. You are ambitious and when you are interested in a subject or achieving a goal you become fully invested. This may be to the point of becoming compulsive and obsessive in pursuing what you need to be successful. Being independent and having the freedom to follow your impulses and blaze new trails is important to you. This is a characteristic you will need to mediate within your intimate relationships. You tend to be all or nothing, and so when your interest begins to wane you are likely to make the necessary changes in your life to switch directions toward a new interest. You are likely to undergo a series of regenerative periods in your life in which numerous aspects of your life undergo a metamorphosis in order for you to follow vital, emerging desires.

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a conjunction with your natal ascendant, you will enter a powerful period of time. You feel greater empowerment to pursue your aspirations and claim greater personal power in your life. However, at the same time you may also have to face the destructive side of Pluto, such as dealing with the breakdown of aspects of your life that had been providing you with a sense of security. At times, it can feel like you are being pulled into an underworld experience that forces you to let go of things you had been attached to, yet ultimately through the tests of this transit, you will be able to cultivate greater strength and self-reliance. You will become drawn toward testing any boundaries or limitations in your life that feel confining, shedding whatever elements of your life have been restrictive or have held you back from pursuing your deepest desires. You may have fear or insecurity about the unknown situation you will create by following emerging instincts. Taking the risk to make the leap will release the explosive tension that would build up if you repressed your desire.

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