Sun Conjunct Sun

Sun Conjunct Sun Transit

The transiting sun forming a conjunction with your natal sun, it not only means it’s time to celebrate your birthday, it is also considered to be an impactful moment that sets the tone and the themes for the next year of your life. Many astrologers cast solar return charts based upon the arrangement of planets at the moment the transiting sun returns to the same degrees as your natal sun. Similarly, this transit not only means that another year of your life has passed, but that it is time to initiate intentions and actions for the goals you wish to achieve in the coming year. This day will feel like a cosmic reset button has been pressed, making you feel renewed and energetically restored. In the weeks and days leading up to this transit, you will benefit from reviewing and reflecting upon your experiences over the past year. It’s the perfect time to illuminate essential insights from the past year so you can carry them into the year ahead.