Sun Conjunct Mars

Sun Conjunct Mars Natal

When warrior planet Mars is conjunct the sun in your natal chart, it gives you an assertive and independent identity. You are eager to take action and initiate change. You may be known as a pioneer, driven to blaze new trails and take the lead in establishing new terrain. You have a fiery temperament that enjoys physical exertion. In fact, you need to be physically active in order to have an outlet for your ample energy. You can be aggressive and combative, but also can be a staunch protector of those you care for. You are courageous and always ready to stand up for yourself and others, but you will also need to find coping strategies for how to deal with your anger when provoked so as to not cause damage in your personal relationships. You have a strong competitive drive for accomplishment and being the best at what you do that makes you a dynamic self-starter and enterprising personality.

Sun Conjunct Mars Transit

Your life force is certainly activated today, and so is your will to assert yourself. When the transiting sun forms a conjunction with your natal Mars, it will be helpful to find outlets for exerting your energy. Try being physically active or playing competitive games under this transit. Your inner desires, underlying drive, and determination will be illuminated today. This will help you separate from work that you lack intrinsic motivation in order to focus on work that inspires you. Today is ideal for initiating a new direction that you feel passionate about. Take the risk to pioneer and charge into new territory. While the increased energy levels can help get things done, you will also need to be careful under this transit to avoid becoming embroiled in disputes. Fortunately, in case you are on the receiving end of aggression, you will also feel emboldened to stand up for yourself. Pick your battles wisely so that you use the fiery energy of this transit for something productive. Use this momentum to align with your core purpose.

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