Sun opposite Moon

Sun Opposite Moon Natal

If you were born with your sun opposite to your moon, it means that you were born around the time of a full moon. The fullness of the moon’s light on the day of your birth symbolizes the importance of an ideal life purpose, relationship, or belief system you wish to manifest. Having your moon in opposition to your sun also reflects a thematic polarity of self versus other. This indicates that relating with others will be a continual source of learning for you. Relationships and the feedback they provide bring needed objectivity to you and help in clarifying your life purpose. It will be important for you to learn to integrate your own inner tensions, so as not to project your own issues into your relationships. Similar to the tidal force of a full moon, your emotional expression can be powerful and dramatically impact those around you when it is unleashed. Ideally you can discover a larger context or greater cause to express the tension between your sun and moon inside.

Sun Opposite Moon Transit

There is an increased capacity to reflect more objectively upon your circumstances now. When the transiting sun forms an opposition with your natal moon, you can receive greater clarity regarding whatever has been working well and what hasn’t. The transiting sun will be able to help illuminate underlying unconscious forces behind external tension and challenges occurring in your life. It will be worthwhile to engage in any practices that help you ground into inner analysis. Rather than trying to overcome restrictions or obstacles by applying greater force, use today to increase your understanding of the situation. Try contemplating whatever dynamics are occurring as part of the challenge or difficulty. Allow an idea for a solution to enter your awareness, and then use the coming days and weeks to follow through with remedying your circumstances. Within personal relationships, you will likely spend a significant amount of time processing your inner feelings. It’s also important to consider your emotional needs. What do you need to communicate to others that isn’t currently being met?

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