Sun Sextile Mercury

Sun Sextile Mercury Transit

You will notice insightful messages and sources of information popping up in your environment. When the transiting sun forms a sextile aspect with your natal Mercury, you may come across inspiring information that leads you into a new direction of research. Something may be revealed to you that generates new understanding with regard to your situation. To make the most of this transit, it is necessary to engage actively with processing, interpreting, and expressing the meaning of whatever you are working on. For example, instead of passively receiving a message, you can actively question and critically reflect upon its source and meaning. This can be an advantageous time for any writing or research projects. This is also a wonderful time for more personal journaling about your inner life and experiences. If possible, make time today to write in a journal or have a dialogue with a friend about your current progress on your goals in life. Not only will you be able to clarify whatever needs to shift in your life today, but you will also be able to devise ideas for an effective remedy.

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