Sun Sextile Mars

Sun Sextile Mars Natal

When your natal Mars forms a sextile aspect with your natal sun, this gives you the ability to take action toward fulfilling your core purpose. However, you must resist falling into stagnation or taking the easy way out. When you make the effort to work hard and consistently apply yourself toward your goals, you are able to accomplish a great deal with a creative and innovative flair. During times in which you need to fight or exert effort in order to overcome opposition you will be able to draw from inner reserves of strength and willpower to bring about success. However, if you find yourself in a more stable situation, you will need to find ways to motivate yourself so that you do not languish in laziness. You may yearn to initiate a new direction, yet fear separating yourself from comfortable circumstances. Once you make the decision to take action, you will find it easier to move in the desired direction.

Sun Sextile Mars Transit

Opportunities will arise, and it might be time to assert yourself in a new direction. Following your desires and activating your creative process will not only make you feel inspired, but will also help you come into contact with other people who can help you. When the transiting sun forms a sextile aspect with Mars, resources in your environment will show up to support you and enhance whatever you are interested in. To get the most out of this transit, in the days surrounding it make a determined effort to consistently exert effort and follow through with whatever needs to be done.  There is a lot of creative potential available. Remember: potential means that you need to actively work toward manifesting whatever you desire to create. This can also be a good time to engage in physical activities with friends or in competitive sports and games, as you are likely to have fun and high levels of energy.

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