Sun Conjunct Saturn

Sun Conjunct Saturn Natal

When Saturn is conjunct the sun in your natal chart, it makes it important for you to take responsibility for your actions, as you otherwise can become too critical of yourself. You are driven to pass any tests given to you, living up to the expectations you set for yourself. You may need time alone in order to separate yourself from external expectations and conditions in order to connect with your core purpose. You have a talent for analyzing the structure, rules, and limitations of situations and then discerning the optimal way for you to perform within them. You can be extremely focused and serious in work situations, capable of becoming an authority in your career field. You have ambition and are willing to progress patiently and slowly toward your goals, thoroughly handling each step of the process. It is important for you to find work that is authentically meaningful, so you do not overwork yourself in a job that does not give you intrinsic enjoyment.

Sun Conjunct Saturn Transit

Any tests and challenges that you are currently experiencing are about to be amplified. It will be important to take responsibility and respond directly to whatever issues demand your attention. Word of the wise: be thorough, patient, and consistent. When the transiting sun forms a conjunction with your natal Saturn, you may realize there is an obstacle you must face that feels frustrating as well as exhausting. This may be regarding the effort required to work through restrictions and limitations. Ultimately, and by resiliently working through difficulties, the hard work you exert will lead you to create supportive structures that can become a stabilizing foundation for your life going forward. Another way this transit can manifest is through increased awareness of your shadowy depths. You may become aware of fears or things you have been repressing that need to be brought into the light. As you deal with self-inhibiting thoughts that have been previously restraining you, you will eventually be able to focus more directly on the positive growth you wish to cultivate.

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