Sun Square Sun

Sun Square Sun Transit

This will be a period of changing circumstances in which you will need to be assertive in response to challenges. Due to the steady course of the sun, the transiting sun forming a square aspect with your natal sun will happen twice annually about three months before and after your birthday. The days surrounding this transit will illuminate pivotal issues underlying any difficulties you have been facing in pursuit of your aspirations. Pay attention to anything in your environment indicating a need for repair or modification, and make sure to take direct action as quickly as possible in addressing the issue. It will be necessary during these days to make a push toward your goals, applying focused effort. Use your personal resiliently to move through resistance. You may have to deal with issues involving an authority figure, or maybe you’ve received critical feedback concerning your recent work. If so, discern whatever constructive insight you can utilize in becoming more effective without losing confidence in your ability to ultimately be successful.