Sun Trine Mercury

Sun Trine Mercury Transit

You will feel an easy flow between your perceptions and ability to articulate them. When the transiting sun forms a trine aspect with your natal Mercury, you will also have a sense of increased clarity in your analysis and interpretation of information. You may find it easier to express essential meaning to others in a way they can understand. Today the sun will be illuminating opportunities to develop purpose within mercurial realms such as writing, speaking, technology, and commerce. You will feel creatively engaged in making vital progress. It is a good time to promote yourself within social media or other information networks, anything you can use to radiate a message into the wider world that can then attract people who can support your aspirations. You may feel inspired to experiment with new pathways of expression that feel like they can capture the core meaning of your message better than the style you are accustomed to communicating in.

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