Sun Trine Sun

Sun Trine Sun Transit

This energy will bring a vivifying feeling that emboldens you to be more expressive. Due to the steady course of the sun, the transiting sun forming a trine aspect with your natal sun will happen twice annually about four months before and after your birthday. It will also drive you to be more assertive in pursuit of your ambitions. Follow your passions and tap into whatever you’re feeling most excited to work on during this time. Taking initiative on whatever brings you joy will lead to favorable circumstances. You also may receive invitations or opportunities that can lead to exciting developments for you, making it a good time to be social and form new connections. Be careful of taking on too much or overextending yourself, but in general, it will be best to say yes and take advantage of any lucky breaks. If you have been through difficulties recently, this energy can also serve as a restorative period in which you will be able to bring things together in greater harmony or balance.