Sun opposite Sun

Sun Opposite Sun Transit

This is a potent time to be reflective and look back upon the past six months since your birthday. Due to the steady course of the sun, the transiting sun forming an opposition with your natal sun will happen annually about six months after your birthday. It’s the perfect time to assess your progress on the goals you have set for yourself this year. Whether you receive insight through self-reflection, or from external sources, it is likely that during these days that whatever areas of your life need adjustment or greater balance will be illuminated for you. Do your best to separate and focus on aspects of constructive criticism. If you receive critical feedback from authority figures, this will help you focus on making productive changes. Let go of feeling negative about yourself and try not to become angry with your superior. You may have your inner authority tested or challenged during these days, bringing a need to stand up for yourself and rise to the occasion in order to assert your strength and talent. This energy can also be very active for you socially, with important self-realizations arising when you spend time in a relationship with others.