Sun Trine Mars

Sun Trine Mars Natal

When Mars forms a trine aspect to the sun, this makes you confidently assertive in going after what you desire to manifest. When you get excited about an idea and take action toward it, you generate a supportive flow of synergy with others that helps you connect with needed resources.  You embody the maxim “where there is a will, there is a way.” You are most effective when you are passionate about what you are doing. Do your best to find work that you are intrinsically motivated to succeed in. You need to be cautious at times of being too overconfident to the point that you become so full of yourself, you neglect to listen to advice from others. You are able to independently strike out on your own and take the lead in establishing your endeavors. In collaboration with others, you will gain support that will make your work more effective.

Sun Trine Mars Transit

Prepare to feel more energized, today you’re motivated to embark in new directions. When the transiting sun forms a trine aspect with your natal Mars, pay attention to desires emerging you’re your awareness. The sun will be illuminating what you genuinely feel drawn toward pursuing, as well as what you feel you need to separate yourself from. This is a good time to take a risk in putting yourself out into the world more. Take steps to accelerate and advance your work to a higher level of development. Be ready to take advantage of new opportunities—this is a transit that will task you with determination. You will enjoy and thrive within a competitive setting. During this transit, you will be able to find something rewarding to uncover for yourself even when on the losing side. There is a lot of creative potential available in which you may discover a novel way to approach an old problem. You may become inspired to break free from an old pattern and move toward a more authentic activity.

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