Sun Square Ascendant

Sun Square Ascendant Natal

Your aspirations will continually cause you to reshape elements of your life in order to accomplish your greater goals. Being born with the sun in a square aspect with your ascendant, you have a charismatic ability to take charge of situations when needed. During key points in your life, you will be willing to make a dramatic change in circumstances in order to follow and achieve your core purpose. Due to your motivation to be successful, you will come into conflict at times between your external responsibilities related to your career and your inner relationship with yourself and your loved ones. You will need to be careful in not becoming so swept up in achieving the external objectives that you lose touch with your inner integrity. You can become at risk of becoming overly prideful or self-centered to the point of causing damage within your relationships. As a result, you will also need to balance your roles in public with the needs of your intimate relationships at home.

Sun Square Ascendant Transit

You will experience a creative jolt inciting change today, as well as a need to respond to changing circumstances.  When the transiting sun forms a square aspect with your ascendant, the sun is illuminating what needs to be released. The focus is on finding out what needs more attention and the coming cycle. The fiery impulse behind this transit may spark you to become more assertive, confidently seeking to take charge of your situation. Within your workplace, in some cases taking on more of a leadership role may be well received, but if you attempt to be domineering with your perspective you could provoke conflict with others. It will be important to strike a balance today between standing up for yourself and creating what you want to happen. Remember: simultaneously you’ll need to accept the viewpoint and needs of others. Find ways to express yourself in ways that do not infringe upon the expression of your partners, collaborators, and co-workers.

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