Sun Square Mercury

Sun Square Mercury Transit

New information will become illuminated that changes your outlook regarding your circumstances. When the transiting sun forms a square aspect with your natal Mercury, there could also be some challenging, difficult meaning within the message. It will ultimately serve as a catalyst sparking a new direction in thought and perspective. This is a good day to invite an air of curious questioning into your life and open yourself to contesting established ways of thinking. You may also become prodded to speak out regarding a current event after receiving news of an important development in its storyline. This is likely to be an energetic time in which you become motivated to take on new work involving increased mental activity such as in writing, research, or any form of media communication. Any endeavors involving the written or spoken word will gain a boost of inspired energy today. If provoked by others during this time, do your best to prevent the agitation from negatively impacting your ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

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