Sun opposite Jupiter

Sun Opposite Jupiter Natal

When Jupiter is opposite your natal sun, it means that you were born around the time of the midpoint of the Jupiter retrograde transit—when Jupiter is in its brightest phase in the night sky. You have a growth-oriented personality that is drawn toward cultivating fellowship within your relationships based upon shared interests and meaning. There may be some inner tension between your drive and determination with your social awareness of group dynamics. For example, your desire for achievement, personal power, and taking on leadership roles will be counterbalanced by the importance you place upon sharing your charitable spirit with others generously. Ideally you can discover a larger social cause you can be active within that allows you to work toward uplifting others. This will also give you an expansive role to cultivate for yourself. It will be important to pursue work in the world that aligns with the personal philosophy you find meaningful. You will undergo inner conflict and turmoil if you strive for personal power in a way that is at odds with your ethical considerations.

Sun Opposite Jupiter Transit

Today, it will be important to be discerning concerning the opportunities for growth you pursue and those you choose to decline. When the transiting sun forms an opposition with your natal Jupiter, take time to contemplate your life from a larger perspective. You may realize that some of the openings for expansion you are receiving are creating inner conflict. These opportunities could lead you to feel overburdened. You may realize that you have been too optimistic about a situation that requires a more realistic appraisal, or that you may need to find support to help you deal with an overwhelming increase in responsibility. There may also be a difficulty to face that tests you, but through rising to the challenge it will bring forth significant growth and development within you. As you bring illumination toward whatever issues or barriers you need to work through, you will be able to figure out how to cultivate improvement and increased prosperity from the experience.

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