Sun Conjunct Mercury

Sun Conjunct Mercury Natal

Being born with your sun conjoining your Mercury means that learning and expressing the meaning you have gained will be central themes of your life and identity. You will be strongly drawn to language and the translation of meaning in one form or another—whether that is through the written and spoken word or through some sort of technological coding. You have a curious, open mind willing to ask questions and search long and hard for the answers. You enjoy debating others and will contest those holding a dogmatic and limited perspective. You enjoy finding the connections between different systems and perspectives, weaving together a deeper understanding that encompasses myriad viewpoints. You are capable of holding and acknowledging more than one point of view at once. You are nuanced in your approach rather than thinking in black or white. Mercury also signifies mercantile activities, and so you may also be drawn to work in commerce or trade in some form.

Sun Conjunct Mercury Transit

Action is in the air—your mind will feel illuminated and active, making it a great day to explore new approaches and new perspectives. When the transiting sun forms a conjunction with your natal Mercury, any issues happening in your life, as well as anything you have been working on developing, will be your focus. Be on the lookout for signs and synchronicities as you move around your environment today that spark an inspiring thought or lead you into acknowledging an alternative point of view. Taking note of any intriguing information you come across, do some additional research to discern whether or not it merits further exploration. This is also a productive time to engage more deeply with any writing or research project. Make additional time and space in your schedule for digesting and expressing the meaning of whatever you are working on. As you write or talk about whatever ideas you have been working on, you may suddenly realize a core message to convey to others. What is your central purpose?

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