Sun Sextile Venus

Sun Sextile Venus Transit

You will feel a delightful stimulation toward whatever brings you pleasure, affection, or inspiration today. When the transiting sun forms a sextile aspect with your natal Venus, you will feel an illumination of the values that are most important to you, which will then lead you to seek experiences that align with them. This is a great day to be creatively active with any projects you have been working on. Your awareness will be open to the best ways to arrange and organize things more harmoniously. If you have been experiencing any recent confusion regarding a relational dynamic or any sort of conflict in values, you will likely receive clarification today. A more important insight is on the way. You will feel like connecting and being active within the personal relationships that are most important to you. This is incredibly social energy—the perfect day to go out with friends. Make the effort to strike up a conversation with people who capture your interest today. This transit supports you in making harmonious connections. If you are involved in an intimate relationship, this can be a beautiful day to plan something that will give you and your partner a chance to relax and enjoy the pleasure of one another’s company.

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