Sun Trine Ascendant

Sun Trine Ascendant Natal

You have a charismatic and forceful personality capable of creatively manifesting your visions into reality. Being born with the sun in a trine aspect with your ascendant, you know what you want and you are not afraid to go after it. Your natural confidence supports your ability to promote yourself effectively within social networks and hierarchical structures. You radiate warmth to others through your bright persona and you can be a source of inspiration. Since you are someone who enjoys being the center of attention, you can also tend to become vain and self-centered. You can easily be swept up in the praise of others. You don’t need to turn down the light you are shining, but you will be able to cultivate more harmonious relationships by allowing others to not only share the stage with you, but also help accentuate their own talent. You also need to be careful of not becoming overly prideful and insisting you always know the best way to do things. Instead, cultivate your capacity for listening to feedback and perspectives from others.

Sun Trine Ascendant Transit

You will feel energized and activated to creatively actualize whatever you are most passionate about. When the transiting sun forms a trine aspect with your ascendant, you will be drawn toward radiating your light in the world around you through social interactions with others. Or perhaps through your own creative expression. This is a good day to perform any needed self-promotion or networking, as you will feel a spark to your charisma and motivated to reach out to forge new relationships. You will feel confidently in command and productive, making it an excellent time to push ahead with work and make significant progress with projects. This can also be a fertile time for practicing developing skills and experimenting with new ways of doing things. Since you will tend to be in a warm and sunny mood, you will especially enjoy planning a fun day trip or going out with friends to a stimulating social event today.

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