Sun Square Jupiter

Sun Square Jupiter Natal

With Jupiter forming a square aspect with the sun, this gives you a groundbreaking and dynamic personality. You are likely to go through a series of dramatic changes during your life involving your personal philosophy and the way you derive meaning from your life. You will be swept up by impactful collective events that force you to reexamine your perspective. You may also independently on your own become drawn toward learning more about belief systems that are in contrast to the one surrounding you during your early childhood. You are pioneering in your desire to encounter new experiences and knowledge that spur your personal growth forward. You have strong inherent capacity to lift yourself up from whatever societal status you were born into. You aim to achieve success beyond the expectations of others. You also have strong leadership skills and can be a forceful personality. Others can look to you for guidance during times of difficulty or crisis.

Sun Square Jupiter Transit

You may experience an event that prompts a change in vision. When the transiting sun forms a square aspect with your natal Jupiter, though this is a temporary transit only lasting a day or two, it can help tap you into changes occurring within your underlying beliefs about your potential. You may be asking yourself, “What can I actually achieve?” For example, a conversation with a friend could spark your curiosity regarding a new belief system that is in contrast to your previous interests. The positive potential of this transit can coincide with broadening your awareness. It’s time to dive deep and ask yourself what you are capable of creating with your life. You may realize your new goals go beyond setting intentions—you may also feel compelled to begin acting toward achieving. You will need to be careful about becoming too excessive in your response to opportunities that arise. Don’t take on more than you can handle. Sometimes under this transit, your excitement for something new can go beyond your realistic ability to handle the associated responsibilities within your present circumstances.

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