Sun Conjunct Moon

Sun Conjunct Moon Natal

When the sun is conjunct the moon in your natal chart, you were born around the time of a new moon. The moon is dark with no reflected light during a new moon, symbolizing a more instinctive nature that will respond impulsively from hidden, subconscious sources. You are more likely to react decisively from an intuitive sense rather than spending time overly analyzing and rationalizing a situation. You can grasp a vision of a path to follow without the need for external validation and support. Others may not understand at times your thought process and how or why you have made the choices you have made. You can come off to others as being more independent—preferring to make your own decisions based upon internal reflection. You may not always be completely clear about the full meaning of what you initiate at the beginning of the process, but once you begin to take action, you are able to learn from the experience of what you have set in motion. You gain clarity through engagement.

Sun Conjunct Moon Transit

With the spotlight highlighting your inner life, you will become more aware of what you need to communicate within your relationships. When the transiting sun conjoins your natal moon, your inner emotional world will feel illuminated in a way that clarifies feelings and enhances self-realization. It’s time to consider what you need to have your emotional needs met. You will tend to feel good in the days surrounding this transit unless you have been experiencing difficulties recently. If you have had to persevere through challenging circumstances in the recent past, this can be a time to replenish yourself. It’s time to allow more vitality into your life. Your attention will also likely be drawn toward your home and family, as well as intimate relationships that are important to you. You may receive insights about your home environment—things to change or important information relating to dynamics within your personal relationships. It’s also possible for your perception to penetrate more deeply into your unconscious, leading you to uncover important understanding about yourself.

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