Sun Trine Uranus

Sun Trine Uranus Natal

When Uranus forms a trine with the sun, it gives you an affinity with emancipatory activities and being a liberating influence on others. You appear as being unique, original, and individualistic to others as you have a natural inclination to do things in your own way rather than in conformity with external expectations. You may have a gift in working with new technologies, using them innovatively to improve the lives of others. You are a creative and inventive problem solver, who is able to devise new ways to approach old problems. When you become excited about an idea or a subject, you are able to rapidly accelerate your development. Not only will you find resources to assist you, but you’ll actively use them in a way that spurs your growth forward. Due to how quickly you are able to upturn the structures of your life and suddenly change directions, it is important to be mindful of how your interest in your own advancement is impacting your relationships.

Sun Trine Uranus Transit

You will experience an illumination of areas of your life in which you can make important advancements and innovations today. When the transiting sun forms a trine aspect with your natal Uranus, you will feel inspired to pursue your authentic passions. Incite development in places you previously felt restricted from fully exploring. Be on the lookout for exciting opportunities giving you the chance to break out of your comfort zone to be inventive and experiment with new ways of doing things. You will not be able to repress inner yearnings and desires to follow your calling today. Make time and space to listen to your inner voice in order to discover more of what is intrinsically motivating you. It will feel like a light is being shined on what makes you unique, and so by embracing and expressing your essential nature, you will be able to attract and connect with relationships and resources that resonate with your authenticity.

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