Sun Sextile Jupiter

Sun Sextile Jupiter Natal

When Jupiter forms a sextile aspect with the sun, you have a yearning to expand your understanding of the world. You enjoy travel and being exposed to alternate philosophical and spiritual understanding from your culture and family of origin. You are likely to become drawn to deeply learning a system of thought that you live your life from and that enlarges your vision. There is an intuitive process at work when you become magnetized toward a new way of understanding the world. There is an inner calling you feel deep inside that compels you into exploration. You have a knack for being able to form relationships with people who support you along your chosen path and who share significant resources with you. You tend to have an uplifting, optimistic outlook upon life. This enhances your capacity for taking advantage of opportunities presented to you. You are at your best when you continue to be actively interested in new ways to find meaning in your life.

Sun Sextile Jupiter Transit

It’s best to actively engage with any opportunities arising in your environment rather than passively letting things come to you. When the transiting sun forms a sextile aspect with your natal Jupiter, allow yourself to follow feelings of yearning or longing to discover where they lead you. You may gain a deeper understanding of the vision of life that is currently meaningful for you. You will have a general feeling of upliftment today that could coincide with an increase in fortune or a decrease in restraining influences. This is a good time to commit yourself to expand whatever areas of your life you wish to develop. Consider reaching out to other people who share your interests and could collaborate with you or give you access to supportive resources. If you have been experiencing difficult or intense experiences recently, you can cohere understanding today. This can help you stabilize whatever has become out of balance.

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