Sun opposite Midheaven

Sun Opposite Midheaven Natal

You place importance on your home and personal life, your inner emotions, and needs. Being born with the sun in an opposition with your midheaven, you are capable of finding great success in the external world through your career and public role. In order to achieve professional accomplishments, you will require a strong personal foundation from which you can launch yourself. One of your parents has likely been a major influence on shaping your personality, requiring you to come to terms with the expectations your family has placed upon you. You will be drawn toward making private space away from others for essential contemplation about your life. Sifting through your inner world will help you discover vital qualities about yourself to then bring out into the external world. You have a rich imaginal life and you could become interested in developing practices to cultivate a deeper relationship with your unconscious, such as through dreamwork. You may also become drawn toward exploring or working with your ancestral lineage in some way.

Sun Opposite Midheaven Transit

Your attention will be drawn away from your professional sphere and into personal concerns such as your home, family, and intimate relationships. When the transiting sun forms an opposition with your midheaven, the sun will be illuminating your inner world, your unconscious, imagination, and emotions. As a result, it will be worthwhile to make space and time away from others to deeply contemplate your life, reflecting upon your experiences in order to glean vital insights. You can then apply this insight back toward your aspirations for the future. This can be a powerful day to conduct a personal ritual or engage in a meditative practice in some way. Allow yourself to be open to whatever messages you receive, giving yourself time to integrate the meaning rather than trying to force an immediate interpretation. The sun will also be shining a light into your home and your relationships surrounding your home, guiding you to notice anything you may have been neglecting through focusing on your career or external accomplishments.

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