Sun Square Mars

Sun Square Mars Natal

When Mars forms a square aspect with the sun, it gives you a driven and determined personality. You are the type who is willing to fight through any obstacle or barrier placed in front of you. Resilient and persevering, you are a hard worker, who believes in making an effort in response to difficult experiences. You are not one to passively surrendering. You will need to be careful at times about overreacting with anger when you do not get your way or things do not develop in the way you were expecting. While you may enjoy being in charge and dictating what happens, if you are in a collaborative situation, you will need to learn how to make compromises. Learning to mediate differences of opinion with others is integral. You can be a dynamic leader, who others will look to for help in times of difficulty, as you are decisive and capable of responding with strength to changing circumstances.

Sun Square Mars Transit

Here comes a period of high energy that will involve significant change. When the transiting sun forms a square aspect with Mars, on one hand, new events may prod you into taking bold action or asserting yourself in an important new direction. This can lead to vital growth and development. On the other hand, difficult events may occur today that bring about loss or other challenges. This may require you to be resilient in recovery. The one thing you can count on is that a wave of change is likely to sweep through your life. If someone tries to provoke you into a conflict, do your best to avoid becoming ensnared in a destructive cycle. It is likely that in one way or another you will need to stand up for yourself and protect yourself, your work, or your loved ones. Embrace this period of change and focus on reshaping your life in a way that aligns with your core purpose and values.

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