Sun opposite Ascendant

Sun Opposite Ascendant Natal

Relationships are an essential focus of your life. Being born with the sun in an opposition with your ascendant, also means you were born at twilight, during the time of the setting sun. Just as the sky transfigures in colorful hues at sunset, so does your presence transform in the presence of your most important relationships. You are drawn toward powerful people who radiate light and leadership in the world around them. There are likely to be authority figures or at least one parent who looms large in your life and is a significant influence on you. While you are able to benefit from your relationships, you also need to be careful of not losing yourself or giving your power away within your relational dynamics with others. As you learn how to assert yourself more confidently with others, you will be able to create dynamic and creative partnerships and collaborations.

Sun Opposite Ascendant Transit

Your relationships will become a major focus. You will be drawn toward interacting with others and will be interested in going out to social events with friends or any setting in which you will be able to connect socially with a diversity of people. When the transiting sun forms an opposition with your ascendant, you could make an important new social contact today. It can also be a powerful day to schedule time working with a mentor or authority who has knowledge to share with you. Pay attention to the feedback you receive from others within your conversations, as the sun will be illuminating significant information about your behavior within relationships. It will be worthwhile to spend time contemplating your relational experiences. For example, spend some time doing journal writing about significant exchanges you have had with others. It’s also possible that your competitive drive will be stoked today, and you will be drawn to assert yourself in competitive activities with others.

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