Sun Conjunct Ascendant

Sun Conjunct Ascendant Natal

When the sun is conjunct your ascendant in your natal chart, you have a bright and warm personality, which gives you charisma and a magnetic effect on others. You possess self-confidence and motivation to pursue your ambitions, as well as willingness to take on responsibilities of leadership when needed. You have a vital presence that can be inspiring to others. Your presence can motivate them in a positive way, and you enjoy being the center of attention. However, you can also become self-centered, vain, and overly prideful to such an extreme that it can create difficulties in your relationships with others. Though you are capable of playing a commanding and authoritative role within groups or your workplace, you also need to be careful of becoming too bossy. Your combination of personal magnetism and talent for self-promotion can also make you successful in running your own business. You are at your best when you shine your own light into the world with confidence, while encouraging others to also gain attention through expressing their uniqueness.

Sun Conjunct Ascendant Transit

You will experience an illumination of your core purpose today, and become energized and activated to pursue your aspirations. When the transiting sun forms a conjunction with your ascendant, you will feel inspired today and your attention will be drawn toward whatever makes you feel the most passionately alive. Today is a powerful time of seeding in which you can set intentions and formulate goals in accordance with the year ahead. If you have been confused recently or pulled in different directions, give yourself space to contemplate your circumstances. It’s the perfect time to clarify what is most important for you to focus on going forward. You will feel a sense of renewal and rebirth, with a greater capacity to get in touch with your natural self, and recognize that this is separate from external expectations. You will tend to feel confident today and capable of being very productive if you need to get work done. As you will feel comfortable radiating your presence, it can also be a good time to engage in any promotional work or social networking.

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