Sun Trine Venus

Sun Trine Venus Transit

You will feel stimulated to connect with others socially, especially with people who are genuinely aligned with your interests. When the transiting sun forms a trine aspect with your natal Venus, this is a great day for planning a social gathering with friends or going out to a community event. You will feel greater ease in expressing yourself. It’s a great time to assert yourself confidently in social situations and go after what you want. This is also a good day to plan to conduct any needed promotional work for yourself in order to make a favorable impression on a wider audience. This can also be a powerful day to activate your creativity, especially in any artistic or musical projects. You will feel inspired and capable of expressing your deepest values through your creative expression. You will also feel an enhanced capacity for arranging the aesthetics and style of any material you are working with. You’ll find joy in discovering ways to harmonize and unify elements together in pleasing ways.

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