Sun opposite Mars

Sun Opposite Mars Natal

When Mars is opposite your sun in your natal chart, it means that you were born with Mars retrograde at the midpoint of its retrograde transit. You are born with Mars as close to the earth as it gets within its cycle, as well as Mars in its brightest phase of light in the night sky. There is a strong martial aspect to your identity—giving you tremendous drive and determination to do things your own way. You have a willingness to go against the current of consensus cultural conceptions for how to live your life. It is vital for you to find an authentic path to follow and you will not settle for conforming into a role merely for the sake of providing you comfort and stability. You are likely to face adversity from early on in your life, yet through facing difficult experiences you learn to be relentless in overcoming obstacles. You are someone who will not give up and will resiliently fight back from any setbacks.

Sun Opposite Mars Transit

Your current relationship with your will, life force, assertion, anger, courage, and desires will be illuminated. When the transiting sun forms an opposition with your natal Mars, you will receive an awareness of these factors not only on a surface level, but also within your shadow side. These may be aspects of your will that you have been in denial of. For example, if you have been holding yourself back from going after a particular goal, you may realize that you in fact desire to achieve more success in this area of your life and need to assert yourself more. Or, you may realize that you are in fact angry about a situation that you had previously been suppressing feelings of conflict. If feelings of anger arise, do your best to discern how to release the feelings in an appropriate way that does not provoke needless conflict. Any adversity or inner fears you must face and overcome during this transit will ultimately make you stronger.

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