Sun Trine Midheaven

Sun Trine Midheaven Natal

You have a charismatic confidence that helps you rise above challenges in life in order to find success in your public work and role. There is a commanding vitality about your presence that can help you become a leader within your career field. Being born with the sun in a trine aspect with your midheaven, you can motivate and inspire others. You find enjoyment in being the center of attention and can step into the spotlight when necessary, impressing others with your performance. You are a creative problem solver who can sustain a positive focus in the face of difficulties, brainstorming ways to find the needed support to accomplish objectives. However, you can also tend to become overly willful, always thinking you know the best way to do things. Your attraction to receiving public attention can also lead you to become self-centered to the point that you begin to ignore the perspective of others who could actually lend you important advice and feedback. As a result, you will need to learn how to strike a balance between your public aspirations and the needs of your relationships.

Sun Trine Midheaven Transit

You will feel energized and activated to take on increased activity with regard to your public work and role. When the transiting sun forms a trine aspect with your midheaven, you will enjoy being the center of attention today more than normal. You’re willing to step into situations that place you in the spotlight, making it an excellent time to conduct any self-promotional work or social networking needed. You will feel confident today and will be drawn toward focusing on the personal goals that connect with your larger aspirations, more so than the expectations of others. Keep your awareness open for opportunities or for promotion, as well as needed resources that support your public role. Make sure that you take direct action in order to take advantage of fortuitous circumstances. In particular, it will be worthwhile to connect with authority figures in your career field who can provide mentorship or share guidance with you based upon their accumulated experience.

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