Sun Conjunct Neptune

Sun Conjunct Neptune Natal

When Neptune is conjunct the sun in your natal chart, this aspect gives you a strong imagination that creates a pivotal relationship between your inner visions with your purpose in life. Your interests in some way go beyond the mundane. You may be drawn toward the visual or performing arts, the spiritual or religious, or otherworldly realms of fantasy in which you can express aspects of your inner life. You may have strong symbolic awareness that can be utilized in analyzing the unconscious, such as in dream interpretation, or as a creative talent such as storytelling. Your active fantasy life can make it difficult sometimes to discern when you are under the influence of an illusion. It will be necessary for you to undergo periods of difficult disillusionment at times that will help you reorient toward your personal truth. While you will be drawn to escaping from tedious tasks, you will need to balance your imaginative nature with the discipline and drive required to be successful in managing your daily responsibilities.

Sun Conjunct Neptune Transit

Your imagination is about to wash over your perceptual framework, dissolving previous conceptions, and opening awareness to new potential from within. When the transiting sun forms a conjunction with your natal Neptune, you may find it more difficult than normal to focus on managing mundane responsibilities. However, there can also be insights you unearth from the inner visions you receive today that can seed future work and personal growth. Due to the increased likelihood of feeling distracted today, make sure that you create a schedule or to-do list in order to attend to any necessary responsibilities. Otherwise, when possible, allow yourself to escape from mundane tasks by engaging in creative, artistic, or spiritual practices. Your compassion and awareness of interconnection with others will also be enhanced today. This is an excellent time to become involved in any service that can help those in need of support or healing.

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