Sun opposite Mercury

Sun Opposite Mercury Transit

Here comes a mental illumination—you’re going to receive clarifying insight through communication with others today. When the transiting sun forms an opposition with your natal Mercury, as you communicate within your relationships or through sharing a message with the wider public, you will be given feedback that can help you gain a more objective perspective about yourself. This will also apply to the way you have been communicating. You may realize significant modifications you can make to improve the effectiveness of the language you have been using and your style of expression. Be open to looking at things differently and listen to others who share an insightful point of view that you may not have previously considered. If you become involved in a verbal conflict with someone, it will similarly be most beneficial to listen to their perspective so you can understand where they are coming from. This will help you more effectively mediate. By remaining calm and focused on engaging in the dialogue, you will more easily be able to find a compromise or solution that can work for both sides.

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