Sun Trine Saturn

Sun Trine Saturn Natal

When Saturn forms a trine aspect with the sun, it gives you a commanding presence that is able to effectively manage your own personal work, as well as the work of others. When you maintain disciplined, consistent effort, you are able to wield tremendous power in being able to reshape the world around you. You are an ambitious person who enjoys patiently and thoroughly following through on each step of any growth process. You are able to make decisive calculations in whatever needs to be tempered or let go of, making hard decisions at times that ultimately serve a higher purpose. Once you notice whatever needs more tending, instead of overworking yourself in reaction, you are able to effectively delegate responsibility to others who are qualified to improve the situation. You are at your best when you continue to focus on shedding the old and cultivating the new, rather than becoming stagnant within a stable and comfortable circumstance.

Sun Trine Saturn Transit

It’s an opportune time to plan and initiate constructive changes to the underlying structures of your life. After contemplating wherever you have been facing adversity or feeling restricted in accomplishing your goals, you can begin formulating changes to your daily routines. When the transiting sun forms a trine aspect with your natal Saturn, you have the power to change structures that can address and remedy any issues at hand. You may need to develop protective measures to decrease the influence of limiting factors that have been stagnating your growth. You also may need to impose boundaries on yourself, such as a budget, in order to temper excess. Be as realistic and practical as possible in your analysis of your life. The influence of the transiting sun will be capable of illuminating ways to be more effective and organize your life. This is also a good time for any activities that require mental discipline and concentration. You will have enhanced capacity to focus on details, as well as contemplate the deeper meaning of things.

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