Sun Sextile Neptune

Sun Sextile Neptune Natal

When Neptune forms a sextile aspect with the sun, you have an ease in using your imagination to source and help guide your purpose and vocation. You are someone who can find the resources and support needed to help you manifest aspects of your inner vision. You can achieve this through focusing on your capacity to bring your dreams into reality. If you restrain yourself from pursuing your ideals for fear of being unrealistic, you are more likely to distract yourself with escapist behavior, as you need an outlet for your active fantasy life. You will be drawn to creative, artistic, spiritual, or any other practices which give you opportunities to explore an imaginal, immaterial realm. You are idealistic and willing to make sacrifices on behalf of your ideals. You may become drawn to joining social movements and groups that are working on behalf of the ideals you believe in.

Sun Sextile Neptune Transit

What is actually possible to manifest in your life? Your widening awareness of potential begins to cultivate today. When the transiting sun forms a sextile aspect with your natal Neptune, make time and space today to daydream and envision whatever you want to bring into your life based upon your ideals. You may notice an inner longing emerging to work toward personal dreams that you previously felt were too unrealistic. However, it will be important to be discerning in regards to which desires are realistically worth pursuing and which ones are merely passing fancies. As you integrate these realizations, a new sense of purpose emerges at this time. See if you can break down your larger vision into smaller steps. This is a practical way to begin work toward your goals in the near future. You may also have a more active dream life than normal that provides you with significant meaning to integrate.

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