Sun Conjunct Midheaven

Sun Conjunct Midheaven Natal

You are able to rise above challenges and achieve success in the career and public roles you take on. You have a confident charisma that makes you an inspiring leader who is able to perform at a high level. You’re also able to help motivate others to be productive. Being born with the sun conjoining your midheaven, you enjoy being the center of attention and you are willing to step into positions of power and handle the associated responsibilities. When you focus on a personal goal, you are able to not only pour your own energy into accomplishing it, but can also magnetize needed resources and support to assist you. At the same time, you can become at risk of being overly willful, domineering, and authoritative with others. You may allow the attention you receive to make you self-centered and vain.  In order to maintain successful work and personal relationships, you will need to make sure you are meeting the needs and acknowledging the perspectives of others rather than trying to get your way all the time.

Sun Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Your attention will be drawn toward your work in the world and the aspirations you wish to achieve. When the transiting sun forms a conjunction with your midheaven, the sun will be illuminating your current state of progress in accomplishing your core purpose in life, guiding you to notice what aspects of your work need more focus and cultivation. A light will shine on anything you have been doing that is praiseworthy, as well as on anything that needs to be renovated, strengthened, or improved. You will feel confident today and will be able to make a more charismatic impression on others than normal. As a result, this is an excellent day to seek self-promotion and form new relationships within social networks. You will feel like taking on a leadership role and taking charge in general today, and so be as active as possible to take advantage of any opportunities that arise.

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