Sun Conjunct Pluto

Sun Conjunct Pluto Natal

When Pluto is conjunct with the sun in your natal chart, this aspect gives you a strong sense of personal destiny, as well as an empowered capacity to bring it about through the force of your personality and personal drive. You have an ability to penetrate to the depths of whatever fascinates you—becoming consumed with learning the skills needed for the vocational path you feel called to. You will also be drawn toward forming intense relationships with powerful figures, whether in your personal life or through historical study, who represent whatever role or field of knowledge you are interested in. You have an ability to manipulate situations toward your own advantage. You need to be careful of not becoming overly controlling and manipulative in your personal relationships. One of your parents, in particular a father figure, may have played a larger than life role in your development leading to a need for you to transform your relationship to their influence as you age. As part of your growth and development, you will enter periods of intense catharsis and upheaval that lead to important regeneration and self-realization.

Sun Conjunct Pluto Transit

You will experience an illumination of your depths and unconscious forces underlying your motivation. You may realize aspirations for greater power or achievement in certain areas of life that you had not fully recognized before. When the transiting sun forms a conjunction with your natal Pluto, you will feel empowered to be more assertive in getting what you want. Be careful of becoming involved in power dynamics with others that involve manipulation or controlling behavior. If you realize you are relating with someone who is trying to claim power over you, do your best to defend yourself and disengage. You will desire to penetrate underneath the surface within your interactions with others today, and you will be drawn toward people with whom you can share revealing conversations. Within any work you are conducting today, you may feel consumed by a need to focus all of your energy on it. You will be able to make significant forward progress.

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