Moon Conjunct Moon

Moon Conjunct Moon Transit

Your lunar return, the day the transiting moon returns to form a conjunction with your natal moon, is an ideal time to assess your current feelings and emotional landscape. Many astrologers work with a lunar return chart calculated for the moment the transiting moon returns to the same place as the natal moon to forecast your emotional climate for the next twenty-eight days or so until you experience another lunar return. Whether you feel abundant joy or difficult distress today, you will be able to gain clarity concerning how you are truly feeling about your current circumstances in life. In the case, you are feeling depressed or overwhelmed today, have compassion for yourself, as you will also have the capacity for discerning ways to calm and soothe your feelings. Reaching out to friends, loved ones, or other social contacts is recommended as you will be able to gain self-awareness through the feedback from your conversations and interactions.