Moon opposite Mars

Moon Opposite Mars Natal

Being born with the moon in opposition to Mars, you have an inner tension to work out between your driving determination and your emotional needs and vulnerabilities. You most likely focus more on the martial side of things in order to feel protected as well as being able to be in a strong position to protect the people and places you care about. You can be a tireless worker who is willing to put your personal feelings to the side in order to get the job done as effectively as possible. You have a competitive and ambitious nature that needs to be expressed in some way in your life, however, you also need to make sure you are not neglecting your own needs for emotional connection with others. Be careful not to become too guarded and defensive in relationships requiring a cultivation of intimacy. You may have some subconscious fears of becoming too vulnerable, but if you want to create an emotionally fulfilling personal relationship, you will need to let your guard down.

Moon Opposite Mars Transit

When the transiting moon forms and opposition to your natal Mars, you may feel challenged or provoked to put up a fight or need to defend yourself in some way. Your anger can become more easily triggered today and your emotions are more likely than normal to overwhelm your ability to control impulsive reactions that lead to consequences you have not fully considered and may later regret. Your competitive juices will be kindled today and so it’s a great time to engage in competitive sports or put work into any project in which you need to separate yourself from other competitors by producing a higher quality of work. Your passions and lust for life will also be sparked today, so keep that in mind in case you run up against any barriers or limitations restraining you from fulfilling your desires. Due to the potential of becoming more easily frustrated than normal, it will be a good idea to have coping strategies in mind to help calm yourself down or redirect your attention away from circumstances in which your irritability could cause damaging friction.

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